Sailing around the Black Sea on a cruise ship could be the ideal way to see history-filled towns and cities in countries such as Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine.

The Black Sea is connected to the Mediterranean Sea via the Aegean Sea and as such is a hive of cultural activity, thanks to its long history.

If you choose to take a Black Sea cruise you will likely need to travel to Istanbul before moving on to your port of departure.

Istanbul is an amazing city to see on any holiday and is known for its fusion of eastern and western culture due to its unique position between Europe and Asia.

You may get the chance to see the Turkish metropolis on a night-time tour – which could be even more fascinating than a daytime equivalent.

Nesseber in Bulgaria is a common departure point for Black Sea cruises and offers a vast array of historical and cultural sights.

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the resort city is one of the oldest in Europe and is packed with things to see, including buildings and monuments that date back centuries.

The first stop on your cruise will probably be Tulcea in Romania, an ancient city with a plethora of historic buildings to gaze at, including the Azzizie Mosque and St Nicholas’ Church, as well as a number of interesting museums.

You will likely go through several port stops across the Ukrainian coast, each offering a different experience. Odessa is perfect for those who love architecture, as well as sun-worshippers eager to relax on a white sand beach.

Yalta has some intriguing religious buildings that are a must-see, including the Armenian Church, the Sacred John Zlatoust church and Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

The shops and restaurants of the bustling quay and the town’s impressive Lenin monument are also worth a visit.

Sevastopol is another popular stop on Black Sea cruises thanks to its parks, beaches and a number of museums. Kherson may well interest those with a penchant for military history, as it was originally founded in the 18th century as a fortress.

Zaporizhya – which is claimed to have one of the best Ukrainian orchestras and is packed with museums – is likely to be the penultimate stop on your tour before you wind up your cruise in Kiev, the endlessly fascinating Ukrainian capital.

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